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The Life Cycle of A Stone Crab

Stone crabs are mostly found and harvested on the coastline of Florida. They mainly live in the shallow waterways near rocks and in bays, feeding on such things as oysters, worms, mollusks and other crustaceans. The life cycle of a stone crab is made up of the following stages that are listed below.   The […]

Characteristics of a Florida Stone Crab

Stone crabs are big money for fishermen in Florida, they are harvested along the coastline of the magical state. There are two types of stone crabs that can be found along the Florida waterways including both Florida and Gulf stone crabs. Research shows that 99% of stone crabs are harvested from the Florida coast. Stone […]

Exciting Stone Crab Trivia Facts

It is almost time for Stone Crab season to begin this year thus bringing excitement and a thrilling buzz throughout the souls of stone crab fisherman in Florida. This is the time of year when many people get pumped up about the harvesting of stone crab claws. It is also the time of year when […]

Will This Stone Crab Season Be Similar To Last Season?

This year’s Stone Crab Season is almost here, it runs from October 16 until May 15. Uberstonecrabs is offering fresh and flavorful stone crab claws. The stone crab claws that you will receive from Uberstonecrabs are pre-steamed thus most people serve them cold. Stone Crab is only harvested on the Florida coastline, these infamous creatures […]