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  • Delivered Cold

    Uber Stone Crabs are packed in temperature controlled boxes, ensuring ice cold crabs delivered fresh.

  • 1 Day Ocean to Kitchen

    Crabs are caught and shipped same day, arriving at your doorstep within 24 hours.

  • Ultra-Premium Quality

    We handpick the best crabs from each catch, prioritizing size and quality.

UberStoneCrabs.com sources premium seafood to the US & Canada with Overnight Shipping.

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  • Chef Javier

    Uber is the full package. I trust them to deliver stone crabs and the bamboo mini forks that are disposable and eco-friendly.

  • Chef Seanhttp://www.amuseboucherecipes.com

    Uber is my resource for consistent half-pound claw inventory.

  • Jane Ruggiero

    As a chef, I’d recommend Uber Stone Crabs to colleagues and friends. The product is great, and always delivered on-time.

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Why buy at UberStonecrabs.com

We specialize in distributing premium, fresh Uber Stone Crab Claws from our Florida distribution center. We’re removing the middleman from your stone crab experience and lowering cost. You no longer need an elegant restaurant or catering service to broker access to high quality delicacy.

We deliver throughout the US and Canada, making it possible for you to enjoy them at your own dining room table within 24 hours of catching. What you’ll find in each specially designed, temperature controlled box is the highest quality product. In fact, our deck hands are trained to select the most desirable crabs by key quality indicators like size. Not big enough? Our experts practice sustainable harvesting methods by returning them to their natural ecosystem to reach maturity.

We feel so strongly about the strength of our service, that we guarantee freshness is maintained at every point of the stone crab’s journey to your doorstep. Don’t believe us? Give it a try. We’ll see you tomorrow.